Varga Tanya

For our guests, the Varga Tanya Complex, located in Kerekegyháza, 25 km from the hotel, offers a discount on its services, where the exclusive atmosphere, the tranquility of the countryside and the proximity of nature meet at the same time! Varga Tanya Hotel Conference & Leisure Center is the perfect venue for business events, events, family gatherings, weddings. www.vargatanya.hu


Sightseeing tour with guide

Explore the sights of Kecskemét in just a few hours’ walk. Is the windows of the Ornamented Palace are really green as it is in the song? See what we can do to get you started. Listen to the City Hall’s chime, which features a folk song in its repertoire. Want to find out more about our city? Our qualified tour guide will also help you with this. Inquire at the hotel reception.


One of the smallest zoos in the country, thanks to continuous development over the years, is now providing spectacular afternoon relaxation to all members of the family. Visit Elza, the little lion who has borne here. Kids! Do you like the pets in the zoo? Here you will find peaceful, calm little animals to get to know them as closely as possible. www.zookecskemet.hu


More than 60 hectares of forest and ornamental gardens on 14 paths, and about 800 plants can be found here. The multitude of species ensures that there is always something to admire. You can also visit the Mary Chapel, which has been in this area since 1718. www.kecskemetiarboretum.hu


Kecskemét Bath

Tired of many walks? Relax and recharge in our Bath, where you can pamper your tired body with massages, steam cabins, and a sauna. www.kecskemetifurdo.hu


Hungary Garden

Learn about our country from a whole new perspective. What about a 1: 1000 reduction? How is this still more hectare? No worries. Fresh green lawns, barefoot to walk through our country during an morning or afternoon unforgettable experience. Try it! www.magyarkert.hu


Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection

Usually, museums have the following inscription: “Please do not touch the exhibited items”. Leskowsky Albert does not share this opinion. Everyone gets a one hour live music tour that guides you through different ages and continents. During the performance, they can try out the instruments, a Siberian shaman, a Turkish belly dancer or a rock guitarist could be from everybody for a while. There is no need for instrumental knowledge and even for the elimination of existing inhibitions, the experience of common music is a pleasure for everyone. http://www.hangszergyujtemeny.hu



When the day is calm, the moon and the stars come. Get to know this world, admired by everyone, but known only by a few. This is the smallest of the 3 planetarium in Hungary, but the most intimate, where you can also have customized, individual presentations. Believe in your eyes! Also through binoculars! www.plani.hu


Bozsó Collection

Roaming through rooms: treasures of five centuries. Are you interested in old utensils, mystical medieval chests, masterpieces of master-peasants, or furniture of old ages, or church art? In this former private collection you can admire all these in one place. And where is it? In the Klapka House, Klapka Street, where our Defense General lived with his family as a piarist little student. www.bozso.net


If you have any questions regarding the above programs, please contact us.